We're more alike than different.  We all want what is best for our families.  And most of us believe that God can help us achieve salvation in this life and the next. If we believe that, then we all believe in the same God.

 The Free Your Faith® Credo

Understanding that ALL IS ONE

This is a call to all people of all faiths, all creeds, all religions and all belief systems to let go of any of the negative energy that limits your faith. Your faith should not have the effect of limiting your beliefs and seeing the fallacy of the creeds or religions of others.  Your faith should free you to see commonality as it exists in all peoples and in all beliefs.

We should not think of ourselves being united by our beliefs.  We do not have to all believe the same thing.  What should unite us is the search for truth.  We all need to accept, respect and even rejoice in each individual's spiritual journey.


That is all that really matters.

Free Your Faith Events

1. I believe in a Higher Power.

2. I will look inside myself to define my relationship with the Higher Power.

3. I understand there is more than one path to gain enlightenment and to understand the Higher Power.

4. I accept truth wherever it is found.

5. I accept all people as equally divine, without judgment or prejudice whatsoever.

6. I understand all my works and actions should be made in the spirit of charity, for the benefit of others and all mankind. 

Joe Lofgreen of  Free Your Faith  was a guest March 9, 2014 on the INNER CIRCLE Radio Show hosted by Wendy Adams on lightwavesradio.com. Here is the YouTube link to the interview.

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